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Asian Sports Enterprise
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Z/3, Near Charkesh
Dham Mandir
Kulesra, Greater Noida-201308

     Mobile: 09312278260,

Contact Person:Sudesh Kapoor


Dial/GMR, Delhi Airport
Noor-Us-Sabha Palace (5 Star, Bhopal)
B.H.E.L (Noida & Jaedishpur)
B.S.F Tigri Camp, New Delhi
Army School, Greater Noida
Jeha Numa Palace Hotel, Bhopal
The Gold Gym, Varanasi
Many-Para-Military Units
The Mark Hotel, Bhopal
The VAT is 0% if you buy from us. We are actual manufacturer since 1988 and set up more than 2000 Gym throughout India.
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Imported Fitness Equipments Playground Equipments Swimming Pool Equipment Club House

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Wet section Children Park Equipment Sports Goods & Accessories Home Fitness Equip.

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Gym Equipments, Fitness Equipments, Treadmills & Sports Goods Accessories of High Quality. Our strength lies in the energetic and professional quality of our staff which makes us ready to keep abreast with time and fashion. Our staff is always on the look out for new material to suit our customers. Needs and designs and our sample section does their best to make your beautiful designs on paper come real.

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